How do I hang my Woodums?

Our wood prints come with keyhole slots on the back and a screw for wall mounting.

Our wood signs and letters do not come with any mounting hardware. There are several options for you to hang your sign or letters.

  1. Hang by ribbon or twine. This method requires you to attach or tie a strip of twine/ribbon to your Woodums. You can attach either using a glue gun or staple gun. For the wood cut out letter signs, you can try to tie the ribbon/twine to the letters.
  2. Hang by nail. This method uses small finishing nails or picture hanging nails. You can either drive the nails through the sign or we recommend tucking the nails into the nooks and crannies of the design. 
  3. Double sided mounting tape. This method uses double sided mounting tape to the back of your Woodums. There are different strengths of adhesive and generally there WILL be wall damage when you remove the sign/letter.

We DO NOT recommend hanging above a crib or bed due to the unlikely event of the signs falling.

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